Datura Amaretti

100ml Eau de Parfum Natural Spray


The sweet blend of bitter Almond and
Cherry captivates and mesmerize, as if
falling into a trap.

The poisonous Datura flower exacerbates
its facets to seduce and hypnotize.

Head: Mandarin, Cherry.

Heart: Datura, Ylang-ylang.

Base: Almond, Biscuit accord, Muscs, Cedar.

Olfactive family: Floral Chypre Gourmand.

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datura flower

the story

The Datura Amaretti asserts a heady and sensual fragrance.

Between the dangerous beauty of the Datura, poisonous and proud and the
delicious gourmand crunchiness of Amaretti, the perfumer has dared.

A bold play of contrasted and captivating textures creating an absolute passion.

Like in the movies.

carte blanche to Patrice Revillard

I wanted a perfume built on a set of contrasts.

To the warm and mesmerizing notes of Amber and Leather are opposed

the freshness of Absinthe, Nutmeg and Violet Leaf.

If Datura Amaretti was a movie?

It would be “The Queen Margot” by French film-maker Patrice Chéreau
about the tragic fate of Queen Marguerite de Valois, a free and loving


If it was a fabric?

The fabric that would represent it best: Velvet.

matières libres