Raphael Haury Parfumeur
Raphael Haury


Born and raised in Grasse. After graduating in 1998, he joined the brand’s creative team in Paris. From then on,  he benefited from the notoriety of this large group and began to collaborate with the biggest creative brands. In 2007 he owned the company

From then on, it opened a new page in his history as perfumer. He creates tailor-made perfumes intended exclusivity for fine perfumery. All the creations of his company are the subject of a unique and targeted development.

For the Perle Rare Collection he created, Perle Rare Gold, Perle Rare Homme, Perle Rare Homme Black Edition.


Music and perfume have a common vocabulary made up of composition and notes. Jean Jacques offers the perfect illustration of the common denominator between the two arts. At 16, he played the piano and loved jazz. At 20, one of his friends mentioned ISIPCA to him. It was to be a revelation that cast a veil of uncertainty over his fir intention to be a musician. He fell for the charms of perfume, in what was to be a key moment in his studies and artistic aspiration.

In 1993; he joined Quest International at first to work with Pierre Bourdon then Moruice Roucel. In 1994 he was recruited by Kao Corporation, and three years later in 1997 moved to Takasago. He absolutey loves being creative, playing with raw materials.

For the Perle Rare Collection he created Perle Rare Ambre Carthage.

Jean jacques Parfumeur panouge
Jean Jacques
Benoit Bergia parfumeur panouge
Benoit Bergia


Born in Grasse, France in a family of perfumers and traders of row materials, Benoit explored perfumery through various occupations. First a preparer then an analyst, it was finally as a perfumer that he chose to live his passion.

He likes to work on “accords” with a marked character, which has allowed him to sign innovative perfumes for designer brands. His childhood on the hills of Cannes left him with the indelible memory of the freesia, of which he likes to place a few petals in his creations. Benoit strives to convey in his perfumes a sincere emotion while cultivating a modern style.

For the Perle Rare Collection he created Perle Rare Le Rouge.


Drawn to art yet with a scientific soul, this Haute-Savoie native who grew up in Nice studied for a degree in chemistry after completing his baccalaureate. It was the ideal job for a natural people-person and the young man was thrilled to meet colleagues from across the profession and get to know the various characters and talents.

Since 2017, he has been fully-fledged perfumer-creator. Art is ever-present: in the background in his daily life, in the foreground in the niche brands he works with. His favorite raw materials: Tonka Bean, Cistus labdanum and Bitter Almond.

For the Perle Rare Collection he created Perle Rare.

Jerome di marino parfumeur panouge
Jêrome Di Marino
Patrice revillard parfumeur panouge
Patrice Revillard


Born in Annecy, the countryside and the grandmother’s garden marked Patrice’s youth and rose his interest in plants and botany. He graduated from the Ecole Supérieure de Parfum in Paris. Studying and understanding the context of creations of the more abstract olfactory forms that marked modern perfumery allow him to integrate the architecture of fragrances over over the decades so he can undertake the realization of his own creations.

For him, a perfume is nothing without a structure and without a strong, original, daring accord. He is fascinated by the emotions that a perfume can convey so he seeks in every project, to create from an inspiration, the most beautiful fragrant story.

For the Matières Libres Collection he created Absinthe Gaiac and Datura Amaretti.


Of pure Parisian descent, urbanity, architecture and arts are for Marie the endless and rich roots of inspirations. After chemistry studies at the University of Paris 7 she joined the ESP. Marie is a globe trotter, she lives at the rhythm of time zones and hence developed a sharp and fine knowledge of international markets and testes (Russia, Asia, Middle East, North America). At the laboratory, she is among all in charge of custom-made generous and passionate perfumes.

She dares, does not compromise and is driven by audacity. Through Maelstrom perfumers, she aims to discover new olfactory frontiers, to create harmonious close to the customers’ requirements.

For the Matières Libres Collection she created Rose Agathe and Patchouli Figue.

Marie schnirer parfumeur panouge
Marie Schnirer

Rania Naim - Creative Director of Panouge Paris

Rania Naim

Creative Director

Rania Naim Directrice Artistique
Rania Naim

“The Parisian woman is a style, a state of mind and a figure of elegance that is distinguished by an indescribable – je ne sais quoi.” A description of a Parisian that articularly rings true when depicting Rania Naim, Creative Director of Panouge Paris.

Born in Beirut, Rania’s most treasured memories include strong scents, like tuberose, gardenia, rose and precious aromatic woods, which urrounded her during childhood. As she told Vogue and Cosmétique mag, that’s when she started eveloping an olfactory memorys and the feeling that a trail ermeates and defines a person’s style. While studying to become a stylist inevitably saw her enter the world of fashion, it was 24 years ago in Paris that Rania discovered what went on behind the scenes of the selective and niche perfumery world. She became passionate about the fascinating field and its infinite possibilities, set up her mind that this will be the essence of her career.

The creativity that has always animated her is reflected in the signature of the lines she designs in collaboration with perfumers, while preserving the authenticity of the brands. In 1997, Rania designed her very first bottle for the in-house brand Panouge Paris, inspired by a Baccarat vase. For the company’s eponymous label, Panouge Paris, Rania follows the same philosophy of pushing the limits of creativity ever further and discovering new territories, both in terms of design and olfaction.

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