Eau de Parfum


Floral Oriental - A Golden Heart


Perle Rare Gold by Panouge Paris completes Perle Rare Collection with a new fragrance in a golden design, made for a self-confident and modern woman.

Like a ray of sun, her inner beauty shines everywhere she goes. A generous soul, who cherishes precious moments of life.

She is unique and as an odd to her inner beauty French perfumer Raphael Haury composed a sophisticated fragrance with a golden heart made of vanilla, hedione and ylang-ylang.


A unique perfume enveloping and evanescent, with flowery accords and powdered notes.

On the opening, the first notes of green crinkled leaves rapidly fade away to let the round facets of Neroli and Rose explode.

A voluptuous heart dressed in feminine cloudy powdery notes, composed in the dry-down with Vanilla and Tonka bean, white Musk. A rich signature full of freshness and elegance.

TOP: Pink Pepper, Cactus Blossom

HEART: Vanilla, Hedione, Ylang-Ylang

BASE: Incense, Amber, Musk, Suede

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