Eau de Parfum


Woody Fresh – Charming Contemporary


Confident, connected with the latest technologies, he can be relaxing on the sundeck of The Fasano Hotel in Rio or traveling through Atacama Desert in Chile. Impatient, he enjoys living in the fast lane and always seeks for new challenges.

His charming appearance is enhanced by Perle Rare Homme: pearly white is the main color used for this authentic and elegant fragrance, composed with woody fresh notes. A modern design, well-balanced between pure lines and noble materials.


A crisp bursting fragrance with bright and citrus opening.

The natural scent of bergamot and kumquat is intensified by a green note of crumpled leaves.

A light that shines on the woody notes and amber dry-down drawing the outlines of an unforgettable wake.

TOP: Pineapple, Kumquat, Bergamot

HEART: Rose, Green Tea

BASE: Santal, Amber crystals, White musks

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